Wolfgang von Trips

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Bio data

Born on MAY 4, 1928 in Germany, died on SEP 10, 1961 at Monza

Racing career:

From 1956 until his untimely demise in 1961

Raced for/with:

Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati

Key races

1961, the year he died, was Taffy's very best season with victories in Zandvoort and Aintree and podiums at Spa and the Ring, but he also distinguished himself at many events, including the Targa Florio


Taffy had to race - even against the will of his family who had other undertakings for him in mind - though none more noble...

Suixtil association

von Trips was often spotted sporting his original race pants and a Monza cashmere sweater.

Facts and trivia

Nicknamed the Count von Crash, he had an indomitable style and certainly a passion to race that were stunning.

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