Harry Schell

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Bio data

Born JUN 29, 1921, died MAY 13, 1960 at the Silverstone track

Racing career:

From 1950 until his untimely death in 1960

Raced for / with:

Cooper, Talbot Lago, Maserati, Gordini, Ferrari, Vanwall and BRM

Key races

Harry had many great races, though his best place -3rd in Pescara, 1957 - belies how great a driver he was.


Very keen on safety, Harry was also an incredible prankster on and off the track

Suixtil association

Often seen in his original race pants or Modena pants and with either a Targa or a Florio, Big Harry always looked daper.

Facts and trivia

Harry pulled some of the funniest pranks on the track and was still able to command incredible respect for his furious driving.

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