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Bio data

Was born on 17 SEP 1929 in the UK and is still going strong!

Racing career:

From 1948 until 1962 competitively, has been showing everyone since that he still very much "has it"!

Raced for / with:

Everything, with a marked preference for British cars. Nonetheless, scored some of his most impressive wins with Maserati and Mercedes

Key races

Just so many of them. Of course, the 1955 1000 Miglia, but also Monaco, Monza, the Ring and Pescara and so many more.


A feast of a man, he was knighted but was a born gentleman

Suixtil association

Often seen sporting the Original Race Pants, as well as the Nassau polo.

Facts and trivia

Sir Stirling survived many an accident, including falling 3 storeys down a lift shaft two years ago - age 80 - and still stepped back behind the wheel not long after!

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