Joe Bonnier

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Bio data

Born on JAN 31, 1930, died JUN 11, 1972 at Le Mans

Racing career:

From 1956 to 1971

Raced for:

You name'em, JoBo had them: from Maserati to Chapparal, from BRM to Posrche to Ferrari to Cooper, Brabham to McLaren, Lotus and Lola - he did them all!

Key races

Great performances on 718 Porsches at both the Ring and the Targa Florio deserve special mentions among a career that shone with great successes


The sweet Swede never stopped and had one of the longest carreers in the sport.

Suixtil association

JoBo was often seen in his Modena pants and Monza cashemere, an icon of style without event trying!

Facts and trivia

He could have done anything and chose racing, at which he was amazingly good!

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