Darryl O’Young – at life speed!

Darryl O’Young (????) is just turning 30 and has already garnered more than 20 seasons of racing experience. Such a track record and so many impressive performances and successes can only be accomplished through undeniable talent, sheer determination and grit and a team spirit recognized by all. It is almost impossible to summarize Darryl’s achievements in just a few words, but his most recent and salient accomplishments will speak volumes:

    - first WTCC championship participation in 2010 with Chevrolet, already with independent podium finish
    - 5th place finish at the FIA GT 24 hours Spa Francorchamps championship - 2009
    - part of the only Porsche team to finish the grueling FIA GT 24 hours at Le Mans - 2009
    - 3 times winner at the Macau Grand Prix PCCA/GT
    - 2 times winner of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Darryl is recognized as the top Chinese race driver of his time and without a doubt a hero of the Hong Kong community where the Suixtil team now belongs. As such, and given the Suixtil racing roots, it only appeared natural that Suixtil would be anxious to collaborate with such a leading figure of the racing world and benefit from both Darryl’s expertise on the track and in the paddock to always come up with clothes that are true to its “menswear for racing heroes” ethos. Of the collaboration, Darryl said: “it is a real honor to join the Pantheon of legendary drivers who have graced the Suixtil brand with their support in the past and become a part of the current effort to bring the brand back to its former glory, while it also a real pleasure to be wearing such comfortable clothes. I guess the faithful attention to the original details of the Heritage line and the choice of premium material and great designs of the Contemporary line just fit-in really well with my day to day needs”. For Suixtil, it certainly is an honor to welcome Darryl as its leading figure and the whole team thanks him for his support and looks forward to a fruitful long-term collaboration – at life speed!.