Suixtil, a name recognized by a select few: those who value speed, revere tradition and demand only the finest. Suixtil is a menswear brand with a vintage feel, built on a 50s car racing heritage, around iconic products: the Suixtil racing uniforms worn by J.M. Fangio and his Formula 1 companions of the
Escuderia Suixtil.

Suixtil stands for passion, style and comfort.

Passion…for many people motor racing in the 1950s represents the true glory and best moments of the sport. A time when Grand Prix drivers doubled as mechanics, when simple straw bales separated cheering spectators from the action, when things were built to last. More than the cars…. The people around the cars driven by their common passion, camaraderie and unique approach to life and taking chances…This is what inspires the Suixtil brand and its design of the current and future Suixtil men's wear Collection.

Style…the Suixtil trousers and tops have been recreated by craftsmen. Designers dedicated to detail, using only the finest materials. Suixtil trousers are young in feeling, confident in attitude. A natural choice for business and casual occasions.

Comfort… our mission is simple: to be man's most comfortable clothes. Nothing less. Putting on Suixtil clothes is like revving up for a Grand Prix race and getting ready to take it all…
at Life Speed.